It was a nice Friday morning – 18.1.2019. The sun was just starting to show up behind the horizon and we knew that our first trip with Kash Island Adventures was waiting for us. We were excited since we had no idea what was coming.

We were picked up at around 8:30 in the morning and we went to the northern part of the beautiful island of Langkawi. The ride took about 20-30 minutes and we met new friends from the Rimbawi team along the way. Actually, they were our tour guides for that day.

Finally, we arrived at a parking spot and our trail was ready to begin. We walked down the path and along the way we cleared some of the fallen leaves and branches. It was one of the hot weather here in Langkawi and the humidity was high, but what would you expect in the tropics ?! But in the rimbawi (forest) it was actually a nice walk because trees always cover you from the sun.

Pantai Pasir Tengkorak area map.
Pantai Pasir Tengkorak map

We stepped down following a bunch of “stairs” and then we stopped for a minute. We had a great view of a hill and a cave that was almost 500 000 000 years old, just WOW ! You could hear a cement factory that is located in the distance behind the peak.

Hill that is over 500 hundred milion years old. Oldest in SEA Asia.

It took a few more steps and then we had our first obstacle before us. As you can see in the picture below, the path was broken and we had to improvise. The Rimbawi team used a rope and they wrapped it up around the trees so it was stable and secure. Then we were able to continue on our way. What an adventure!

Pantai Pasir Tengkorak Bio Geo trail.

Then we continued on our way and after another few minutes we arrived at the shore.

Bio Geo trail in Pantai Pasir Tengkorak area.

Walking there like that was only possible due to low tide. Otherwise, we would see nothing but water. There are natural deposits of sandstone and quartz and we saw some amazing shapes and formations. A geology enthusiasts would love this place ! It was absolutely stunning. We are not keen into all the details but just looking at something like that was a real pleasure for us.

Quartz deposits in Langkawi.
Quartz deposits in Langkawi.
Quartz deposits in Langkawi.

At the end of our path we arrived at the beach of skull. We could see the island of Tarutao.

There is a legend about the beach that says this:

Tarutao island, that belongs to Thailand, is located approximately 5 kilometers from Langkawi. In the 1930s it was used as a PRISON. Sharks🦈 and crocodiles🐊 were making sure, that nobody who managed to escape the island survived. The dead bodies☠️ were then washed up on the beach in Langkawi, and it is now known as the beach of Skull. The head 💀 was usually separated from the body and only a skull appeared in the sand. The area was also used by pirates, who used to throw overboard their victims into the sea.

The Skull beach (Pantai Pasir Tengkorak) with Tarutao island in the background.
The Skull beach with Tarutao island in the background

That was the end of our lovely trip and we would love to thank Kash Island Adventures and the amazing Ayu Geo-nature team for taking us with them on this amazing journey.

Until next time !


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