The nature walk started early in the morning because of the life in the forest. So about 7:30 Kash picked us up from the homestay. The way took about a half an hour and we also stopped to grab some sandwiches along the way. We parked our cars next to the forest and then we went to the jungle with Ayu Geo-Nature team. So excited what we could see and hear around us.

Our awesome guide is showing us the herbs and plants that grow in the rainforest in Langkawi.

Our guide Mr. Osman is just great and very professional and when we went with him we really enjoyed his speech because it takes you deep into the nature and you feel like you are part of it. So we went through the jungle and we were listening to all the sounds around us and he explained to us what are those sounds. Cicada was one of the noisiest ones, such a loud creature. We also found one tree and there was an old cicada skin on it. He also mentioned that cicada lives under the ground for almost 17 years (some of them), eats the roots and then it goes out up to the trees and makes this noice with their wings and belly to attract the females. Then they die after like 2-17 days, such a shame.

An old cicada skin on a tree.

There are many plants and herbs in the forest (obviously) and Osman explained us what they are good for, local people used to use it as a medicine, face masks or just use it as a bag. We saw many termite mounds, their color depends on the type of termites. We could see let say orange-brown termite mounds and also the beige one. They are very important for the forest because they eat the leaves and without them the jungle would be just full of it.

Termites gathering on the ground.
A termites mound in the rainforest.

And then suddenly Niky spotted something black with white eyes, sitting on the tree and just looking down at us, wondering if we are dangerous or not. Oh my God it was a dusky leaf monkey. We went further to it and there was more of them, sitting, eating the leaves and jumping from tree to tree.

A dusky leaf monkey is examining us from the top.

In the jungle we could also hear a Great hornbill. We saw him later flying above the waterfall. In the jungle there are lots of old big trees. They are hundreds of millions years old.

A huge and wide tree in the rainforest.

When we finished the walk, we went to the waterfall to take some nice pictures and we could also jump and swim there in a small pond. That was amazing, the water was refreshing and so clear.

This is the Seven Wells waterfall.
Telaga Tujug waterfall.
This is the Seven Wells waterfall.
Telaga Tujug waterfall.

Thank you for reading and see you soon.


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