… is the most basic and very popular activity you can do here in Langkawi. Why basic ? Because everyone is supposed to participate, it’s like the first MUST DO thing to do here.

It IS very popular. You can tell by the amount of people there is on the islands. NO, it’s not like the boats are ramming each other in order to get to the island first. Just be prepared to meet other people that’s all 🙂

The first stop is the at the Dayang Bunting Island where you can find the famous Lake of the Pregnant Maiden. Be advised, there is an entrance fee (which is more expensive for tourists for some reason).

After a few minutes of walking you actually arrive at the lake. You can rent a swan boat and enjoy a nice cruise around the lake. Or just swim in the lake. Whatever floats your boat.

Langkawi – Island Hopping

The next stop is eagle watching. You can watch our video below:

Actually our eagle watching experience was a bit short due to some lady who arrived late from the Pregnant’s Maiden Lake. So our captain threw some food to the eagles, we were watching for a few minutes and then we went away.

The last stop was at sunny beach where we were able to relax and enjoy a nice swim. The beach is long so if you decide to go further you can definitely find a spot with not so much people around 🙂

Thanks for reading, see you next time!


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