Tired of Cenang beach ?

Do you know there are many beaches that are less crowded and maybe even nicer than the most popular Cenang ?

Head north and discover the Black Sand Beach. It’s not really black, but still it’s beautiful and peaceful. We had the pleasure to be there completely alone 3 weeks ago. It was magnificent. There is a lot of shadows so you can hide from the sun 🙂 Also a lot of spots where you can place directly under the sun if you want to get a nice tan 🙂

The Black Sand Beach
An eagle flying above the water in Black Sand Beach

Also we spotted a few eagles that day. The sea was calm and we had no waves so it was possible to enjoy the water. The beach itself is long so if you keep to the left side you should be able to avoid seeing the ugly cement factory that is sadly a part of Langkawi. Kinda ruins the view, you know..

We have one more beach on our mind. It’s called Tanjung Rhu Beach. We like this one much more than the previous one and it’s definitely worth it to visit this beach multiple times. There were a few people but scattered across the whole beach area so nothing to worry about. Also the surrounding is amazing. There are boats with tourists that are making waves so sometimes it’s a bit tricky to enjoy a nice swim but it is not that big of an issue.

Tanjung Rhu
Tanjung Rhu

Well, if you want to enjoy a private moment at the beach, the first one is a top pick. Tenjang Rhu is also very beautiful but expect some company 🙂

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