Shopping in west of Langkawi

On the map below we have marked you the two supermarkets we visited the most during our stay in Langkawi. Kedawang Ecofresh Market has almost everything you need and if there is something we couldn’t find, they had it at the other one 🙂

You can buy all the regular stuff, like vegetables, fruits, pasta, noodles, dressings, biscuits, sugar, salt, canned food, toiletries etc… They also have food for animals and babies stuff.

They are usually open from 10:00 until 23:00 but some of the days they were closed so bear in mind that it can happen.

Take a look at the map.

There are several mini marts almost everywhere in this area and also closer to Cenang Beach. If you are more interested in imported stuff like Nutella, chocolate bars like Mars, KitKat, Smarties or alcohol head to the Zon Duty Free Zone – one of many in the area.

If you are coffeeholics, visit Starbucks – marked on the map as well. And if your stomach wants some snack, you can visit Subway for example or PizzaHut 🙂 Everything is marked on the map above and is easily found.

Many shops with clothes and souvenirs are in the area and they are also present near almost all the landmarks – waterfalls, beaches etc…It’s also pretty cheap 🙂

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Ayer Hangat Night Market

So far we have visited a few night markets in Langkawi. You can find almost everything there and the prices are also reasonable. Hungry ? No problem ! There are plenty of stalls just waiting for their customers. Need some clothes ? Just get to the other side of the market and you can buy some.

Or maybe you want to make some fruit salad ? Go ahead, all kinds of fruits are available.

Fish ? Just take a look at the picture below..

Various stalls in the Ayer Hangat Friday night market in Langkawi.

These pictures are like a needle in a haystack. You have to see for yourself !

Various stalls in the Ayer Hangat Friday night market in Langkawi.

Want some advice ? Don’t be too hungry when you arrive at the night market. Because if that happens you will likely want to buy and eat everything and even though the prices are fairly cheap, it might get expensive as well..

This particular night market is called Ayer Hangat Night Market and is available every Friday.

You can find it here:

The map with the location of the Ayer Hangat Friday Night Market.

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