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Sea Splash -Amazing day trip

Boat at the peer - amazing day trip

We have experienced yet another trip with Kash Island Adventures and it was awesome ! It was a boat trip ! When I first heard that, I was a bit frightened because I tend to get seasick on boats. Luckily, we have some seasick pills with us so we split one and each of us took a half. After that, everything was okay !!!

About the trip. The plan was to meet at the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club which is located in Kuah. We took a GRAB in the morning and arrived at about 8:30 at the place. Kash was still on his way so we had a bit of time to explore the area and take some pictures.

Yeah, that went well..

That shark mouth was calling 🙂

After 30 minutes we met Kash and he told us that the guests are coming soon and we can go to the dock and take some pictures of the boat first. We really wanted to, but the security guard there did not let us through, so we had to wait for the whole group to get there. Finally, the guests arrived. It was a big family, all of them very nice, polite and friendly, so it was a pleasure for us to accompany them on this trip.

The boat was looking good, no visible holes in the hull, that was a good sign 🙂 The staff was there to meet us and they were all looking very friendly and they were smiling all the time.

It was time to get aboard !!!

sea splash adventure
Our boat for the day trip

We had a couple of seconds to take a look around the boat while there were still no people except the crew. We took our chance and made a few videos and photos. The boat was nice not just from the outside but also from the inside.

There were some snacks prepared for us at the table plus some drinks, so that was nice..

After a while we went inside to hear our short briefing. The boat engine started after that and we were ready to set sail !

Food Boat Snack Buffet
Delicious snacks served during Boat Trip

I was taking videos throughout the trip and Niky was taking pictures on our camera. We went to the upper deck to meet the captain. He was so kind to let the guests sit behind the boat’s wheel ! Of course just for a while, because in unexperienced hands, you know what could have happened.

woman on the helm sea splash
On the helm

The sea was calm, sun was shining on us all. It was a great relax for everybody. Our first visit was the Eagle Square in Kuah, where we of course took some pictures from the boat. There were actually a lot of people that morning, so we were lucky not to be there but on a boat instead :-)))

Eagle monument at the peer
Eagle monument at the peer

Then we sailed for about an hour and arrived at our next stop, the fish farm. The captain nicely parked the boat along the pier and everyone hopped of the ship to see some fish ! I got the chance to hold a “sea cucumber” in my hand and it was, let’s say okay… Does it look familiar to you ? Yeah, don’t say that out loud !

Sea Cucumber
Sea Cucumber

Then we stepped outside to see the fish and took some pictures as well. Also I tried to make a video so I put our action camera in to the water (with a waterproof case ofc) and filmed the fish. You can take a look at the result here:

A short video from our Day Trip

They also offer to swim with the fish, but we were not feeling like doing that. You can also snorkel with them. Sounds interesting, but the fish teeth looked sharp so no thank you !

Fish in the water
You can swim with the fishes

You know what time was after the fish farm ? It was lunch time ! We were hungry as wolves. Take a look on all the food they prepared for us.

Lunch buffet on boat trip
Lunch time – tasted very good.

After lunch, everyone was resting for a while and it was time to head back to Kuah. BUT ! On the way back there, it was time for … FOOOOOR …. SEA SPLASH !!!!

No, it’s not just the name of the boat. It’s also a name for this !

boat trip swimming in water
This fun action is called ‘Sea Splash’

So yeah, everyone got their life vest and the fun was ready to begin. Actually, it wasn’t the first time for this family to go with Kash on this amazing trip. I think it was their 3rd time. So that should tell you something about the quality of this trip yeah ?

Captain on boat and people in the water
Instructions from the Captain

I and Niky we were there as the filming crew so we did not participate, but it looked like soo much fun.

Well, I was feeling a bit tired so I told Niky I might go to the front of the ship and take a quick nap there. Okay, it was maybe a bit longer than “quick”. The sea was like a lullaby and my eyes closed for a while longer.

Niky took advantage of that and took a picture. Sorry guys, not gonna publish that for certain reasons…

As we were getting closer to the end of our trip, the crew prepared some watermelons as a desert so that was nice.

It was time for a group picture !

group photo sea splash
Group picture with Kash in the middle

These are the guests also with Mr. Kash. We would love to thank him for this awesome adventure and also the family for being so great and friendly 🙂

See you next time,